Perception Finally Gets A Release Date With Creepy Trailer

Perception Brings A Unique Style To Horror Genre


From the developer, Deep End Games and Publisher Feardemic is coming a unique horror game known as Perception. The game comes with a totally different approach to horror segment and till now it is looking quite promising.


The game is about a woman named Cassie who is blind and she is having frequent dreams about an abandoned estate which is haunted by an evil entity after some research she finds out that the place in her dream is real and decides to visit it to find out the mystery behind it. upon arriving the abandoned estate she finds out she is not alone and the evil presence in the house is after her. now she must use her wit and skill to solve the mystery before becoming another victim of the presence.


What makes Perception different from other Horror game is the gameplay mechanics. you play the game through the perspective of a blind person and you use the echolocation technique to navigate around the environment. every sound you make gives a visual of your surroundings for a brief amount of time which you can use to move around but making sounds also triggers the ghastly presence in the haunted estate.

Cassie can’t fight back the Presence the only thing she can do if you get found out is run and hide. luckily you also use sound to distract the Presence by throwing objects in different directions. the objective of cassie is to unveil the secret of the estate which the evil entity is trying to prevent you from discovering and by only solving the mystery you can end cassie’s dreadful nightmare.

Perception Announcement Trailer:

Perception will be releasing on 30 May 2017 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For more information about the game, you can visit the game’s Steam page or the Official Website.

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