Sonic Forces reveals a new Gameplay featuring Sonic Classic mode

Experience both 3D and Classic 2D in Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces

Publisher and Developer Sega has released a new gameplay trailer which shows off the classic 2D version in Sonic Forces.

The new title is a new upcoming 3D platformer based in an apocalyptic world where Eggman with his robot army has conquered the world and is destroying cities to ruin to forge his new empire and now Modern Sonic with the help of his friends and a new ally the Classic Sonic must prevent Eggman’s total domination of the world.

The new trailer shows some that some part of the game which will be in 2D and the gameplay seems almost similar to Sonic Generation Green Hill Zone but with improved visuals, art and the classic sonic music and even the physics looked neat and much smoother than Generation.

Anyways Sonic Forces is one the anticipated Sonic titles up their with the upcoming classic 2D Sonic Mania but the question of why there is a 2D transition in Sonic Forces well we will just have to wait for the game to know that.

Green Hill Gameplay Trailer:

Sonic Forces is will be releasing in late 2017 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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