Paragon Announces “Revenant” a New Ranged Carry

Duel your Enemy to Death with Revenant


Epic Games have revealed a new hero for their MOBA game Paragon an unholy amalgamation of a malevolent spirit and vicious bounty hunter named Revenant.

He is a ranged carry with a Fury and Corruption affinity his unique abilities lets him isolate enemy hero and also deal massive damage in short amount of time.


Hand Cannon – Revenant carries a Revolver with 4 rounds and upon using those rounds it automatically reloads the revolver.

Hellfire Round – this ability lets you reload the revolver as per your will and passively causes the fourth shot to deal bonus damage.

Scar – infuses his target with the dark spirit which basically means marking the target. your shots deals bonus damage to the marked target.

Obliterate – this ability fires a volley of shots on random target in front of him.

Reckoning – Revenant transports himself and his target into the NetherRealm where he and his target must duel. the only thing Revenant and his target can see in that dimension are each other. if he is able to kill his target during his ultimate he earns bounty and bonus Card power.

Currently, his skillset seems to be pretty strong the fact that he gains bonus Card power for killing an enemy hero with his ultimate makes him deadly. if you have a good early game with him you can easily snowball all over the enemies.

Announce Trailer:

Revenant will be coming to Paragon on 25 April 2017 and if you still haven’t played the game yet you can try it the game is free to play. For more information, you can visit the official website of Paragon.

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