Farpoint Story Trailer reveals the mysterious space exploration

Survive to Get Back Home in Farpoint


Developer Impulse Gear and Publisher Sony Interactive have released a new trailer for the VR Game Farpoint which reveals a little about the story in the game.

The trailer tells the story about a team of scientists who are on a space expedition to study and research about a strange abnormal radiation in space. but due to unfortunate events, they get sucked up by the radiation and which crashes them in strange unknown planet 800,000 light year away from earth.

As the survivor explore the planet they realize that the planet is inhabited by a hostile alien species and now the only way to survive is to fight them. the trailer further show the growing rift between Dr. Grant Moon and Eva Tyson. Grant wants to stay longer or even forever on the planet but Eva just wants to find a way to return to earth with other survivors.

The mystery of the story deepens further when an unknown woman comes and reveals that she has been waiting for them for a long time on the planet. How did she get here? Is she an ally or an Enemy? why is she pointing a gun towards you? everything is enigmatic about her.

Farpoint Story Trailer:

Farpoint will be exclusively releasing for PSVR on 16 May 2017 interestingly this SCI-FI shooter can be played with the PSVR Aim controller so that will be a thing to look out for. You can Pre-order in the official Playstation website.

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