Statik Institute of Retention is an Eerie Puzzle Game Coming to PSVR

Statik Institute of Retention

From the creator of Little Big Planet game series, Tarsier Studios are bringing an intriguing virtual reality game Statik Institute of Retention.

In the trailer, the game introduces players as a volunteer for the test subject in the institute. You do not recognize yourself and do not know how you even got there.The only person you can trust is Dr. Ingen the man whose face is blurred out and he along with his assistant Edith leads you through several test procedure.

In the game, your hands are trapped in a small mechanical machine which you have to use to solve the puzzle around you and free your hand. you have to use your brain, careful observe with your eyes, and properly hear the audio clues. Every successful completion of puzzle leads you to wake up to new unique puzzle each day with the narration of story from Dr. Ingen about the purpose of the institute.

Release Trailer:

Statik Institute of Retention will be releasing on 24 April 2017 exclusively for PSVR. the game is available for Pre-Order at the official website.

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