Today is my Birthday is a Horror Game Despite the Strange Title

Today is my birthday

If I tell you there is a horror game with a Title “Today is my birthday” what would be your reaction? well, I was bumped a little because when I first saw the title of the game I pictured a game for kids with jolly graphics kinda like Minecraft. but then again you can’t Judge a book by its cover.  same happened with this game it turned out to be a Horror Genre.

The Game is under development by Wonder Games the work on the game has begun since early 2017. the game is in the first person perspective and is a survival horror.


You take on the role of Thomas the protagonist of the game who is an average photographer the only one relative you have is your father. there is long tradition between the two of you to celebrate your birthday in the amusement park. but over time your father health deteriorated and couldn’t keep up with the tradition and soon died of cancer. even the park was closed down because of the mysterious disappearance of people in woods right next to the park. Filled with grief and loneliness you decide to visit the abandoned park one last time in the memory of your father.

But after getting into the park you realize you are certainly not alone and the only thing you have with you is a camera and cell phone with no outgoing.

Today is My Birthday Official Reveal Trailer:

The gameplay in the trailer reminds me of Evil Within and Outlast. the enemy in the trailer looks almost like the sadist and the keeper from the evil within. Though the game is not a new concept but it still looks good for me as the survival horror genre just never gets old. But the creators do need to take care of the shaky physics which was visible in trailer considering its still under development guess its ok as long as it gets fixed.

There is no official Date of release but according to the creator, it will release by the end of 2017. The game is up for voting in Steam Greenlight you can help them get into the steam store by voting them here.

The developers will soon release a playable demo of the game in June 2017.

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