Injustice 2 Flash introduced With a Flashy Trailer

Break the Timeline Again with Flash


NetherRealm Studio and Warner Bros have released a new introduction trailer on Flash and it’s just awesome.

if there was a top 10 introduction trailer of injustice 2 Flash’s trailer would be certainly one of them. In the trailer, he is facing off Grood one of his most prominent enemies he is a close combat hero and needless to say is extremely fast. Players can use him create fast combos and finishes.

One of his best move in the trailer was when he hits Grood with a series of punch so fast that he gets lagged and the after effect of punch happens a second later.

And his Ultimate move as expected we can see flash screwing up with the timeline again. he grabs Grood and uses his speed forces to enter the timeline smashing Grood into the Sphinx’s nose and breaking it now we know why the sphinx has a broken nose. he then moves to another timeline smashing the gorilla again on a poor T-rex having his lunch and the best part of this move is he finishes it with Grood hitting himself.

Flash is one of the original characters of Injustice God Among Us and the newest version is already so much better. his appearance his moves are just so cool.

Flash Introduction Trailer:

Injustice 2 will be releasing on 16 May 2017 on PS4, Xbox, Android, and IOS. For more information about the game, you can visit the official website.

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