Mousesports Sign Up Ex-Adfinem Squad for Dota 2

MouseSports Dota Journey Begins


Mousesports has been out of Dota 2 scene for almost 2 years now. The last Dota 2 team which Mouz signed up were Team Tinker whose roster had Black^, Qojqva, Bulba, Waytoosexy and Pieliedie. the 2015 Mouz disbanded after the team failed to qualify for The International 2015.

Since then Mousesports has not recruited any Dota 2 team. But this year they finally found an opportunity to get back into Dota 2 scene with the Greek squad.

Ad-Finem member left the organization after impressive plays across several tournaments most notable plays of the team were in Boston Major despite being the underdog in the tournament they reached the finals but lost to OG with a 3-1 score. but this brought them into the limelight and also secured them a direct invite to Kiev Major. After having such a good run the greeks leaving the Ad-Finem was surprising.

the Greeks have found a new home and are currently under heavy training in Bootcamp in Germany. Their next official match will be in Kiev Major.

For more information of the Squad Visit the official Website.

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