Slash Quake Champion Trailer Overview

Skating Through Arena Wrecking Havoc


Bethesda and ID Software have released a new trailer for its Champion Slash. She is a returning character from Quake 3 Arena. she is quick and agile and her abilities let her perform deadly attacks and also move faster than other Champions in the game.

According to her Bio, she was obsessed with skating and would always hear different melody and music which made her skate even more. but gradually the duration of music in her head increased until a point that it never stopped it become an unending song inside her head.

She had visions of different planes and realities in her dream. to stop it she tried different drugs but nothing helped and the visions only increased. Later she met a boy named Anarki with similar capabilities and she stuck by her side drowning themselves in drug trips and without even realizing it both were now battling it out in the Quake world.


Active Ability: Plasma Trail

Slash leaves a trail of Plasma behind her for a certain duration as she moves. if the enemy champions come in contact with the plasma. she can activate it again to deal damage to them.

Passive Ability: Crouch Slide

Crouch Slide increases her mobility and makes her faster. while running if you crouch you gain increased movement speed and movement control you can move through the corners faster without slowing down.

Slash is a low health Champion but that doesn’t make her any less deadly. she is already faster than other champion but with crouch slide, she can outrun them easily. she can also lay plasma trail traps for enemies chasing around the corners and choke point and turn the tide on them.

Slash Trailer:

The Release Date of Quake Champion is not out yet. but you can still play it by signing up for the closed beta here.

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