Hitman Elusive Target #23 is Now Online

Hitman’s Next Elusive Target in Paris


The 23rd target in Hitman is now live and ready to be assassinated only if you can.

This time your target is Keiran Hudson a dirty tabloid journalist code named Paparazzo. According to the intel from ICA your Client Jackie Carrington a former sitcom star has requested your service to eliminate Paparazzo after he released a series of fake news and rumor affecting his personal and professional life.

The target is currently in Paris and is on trial of Fashion Designer Sebastian Sato trying to get close to interview or take photographs of him. Due to whole world attention on the massive fashion event, the security will be high and tight and it will be difficult to assassinate Paparazzo.

Just like the previous assassination there are some ground rules

  • Elusive target will be available for only limited time
  • They can only be killed once.
  • If you die during the mission it is over for you and mission can’t be repeated.
  • If the time runs out they are gone forever.
  • You get only one chance so plan it carefully

The target will available for 11 days from 7th April – 18th April 2017.

The 23rd Target mission can be played on Hitman which is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information on the game and the mission visit the official site.

Hitman Elusive Target 23 Paparazzo Trailer:

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