Invictus Gaming Wins DAC 2017 Champions

Burning With Invictus Gaming Returning to his Glory
Invictus Gaming

DAC 2017 was a hell of a tournament big team like Liquid and Evil Genius failed to win the champions and some of the less dominant team like Faceless performed quite well. but at the final day of the tournament, only OG and Invictus Gaming survived the 4 days of gruesome Dota 2 games.

OG had completely dominated the tournament they had 4 Wins 1 Draw and 0 Loss in group stages and finished at top of their group. Their upper bracket runs were also quite smooth only dropping 1 game against Invictus gaming but winning the series and claiming the spot for the finals.

Invictus Gaming had very rough games but finished at top of their group with 3 Wins 2 Draw and 0 Loss in the group stage. in the main event after getting knocked down to lower bracket by OG they battled it out with Newbee and won the series convincingly with 2-0 securing a spot in the finals.

Game 1

Game 1 of the final series was a tug of war and both teams played on equal grounds there was no kill till 10 min but at 11min+ first blood was claimed by IG OP’s Storm on Notail’s Terrorblade. Boboka’s roaming Riki kept most of the vision control on the Dire side of the map creating space and immense pressure on OG’s Support heroes.

Despite the early pressure OG marched down mid at 24min with their Terrorblade and Alchemist and took down Tier 3 Tower but IG’s patience plays paid off every time OG tried to push high ground IG’s strong defense with Warlock and Magnus proved too much for OG and Op’s Storm Spirit always jumped on supports of OG killing them before they could do anything even after 60min + OG could not taking the mid barracks at 62min IG killed the Alchemist who did not have buyback after which OG’s lines got destroyed and IG won the hour long game.

Game 2

IG was once again able to pick Magnus and Riki and just like in game one Riki was able to scout out most of the movement of OG and was leeching XP and Gold from Jerax’s Enigma who was Jungling. as the game progressed IG’s Cores farm were topping the charts at 20min with the vision from Wards and Riki over the radiant jungle they executed flawless team fights and doubled the kill score after half hour into the game. OG tried a final attempt on taking Rosh but got team wiped by the Dire. They weren’t able to recover from the deficit of Gold and XP and IG easily won game 2.

Game 3

With their back against the wall, this it game was do or die situation for OG. They game started well for OG with Jerax’s Monkey King and Fly’s Visage constant rotation. but after 15min+ when IG moved as a group they proved to be quite strong than OG’s lineup big AOE spell of Earth Spirit and Warlock coupled with Shadow fiend were dishing too much damage. IG quickly dominated the game and OG kept falling behind losing map control and vision. At 37min OG tried to stop IG’s Rosh attempt but were no match for the Legion Commander and Shadow Fiend who were hitting like a truck and after that fight, OG called GG with the match going to IG.

As mentioned before OG was an unstoppable team throughout the tournament and nobody expected that IG will clean Sweep the Final with 3-0 scores. their performance would have certainly brought a lot of teams attention on their playstyle and drafting.

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