Morigesh Paragon’s New Ranged Hero

Plague The Battlefield with Morigesh


Paragon will be coming up next with a Ranged Caster hero Morigesh a personification of Drowned Forest traveling to agora in pursuit of Fey. her affinities are Growth and Corruption. her skill set enables her to inflict heavy damage from range and if you do not keep her in check you will be killed easily by her.


Swarm – This ability turns Morigesh into a swarm of bugs which enables her to pass through enemies damaging them and in return gaining health regeneration stack per units she passed through. during this phase, she gains a temporary speed boost. swarm can also be used as mobility skill which lets her engage and disengage in fights.

Hive – a hive of bugs is thrown towards the targeted area and on reaching the location its explode dealing damage over time in an AOE. the damage slows affected unit with every tick damage.

Mark – Morigesh mark a target dealing damage and creating a doll of it. the target stays mark until the target dies, Morigesh herself dies or if she just changes the targets. You can only target one unit at a time.

Curse – the ultimate ability is global on using it a swarm of insects in Morigesh image stabs the marked target.

Mark and Curse are her bread and butter skill mark has a low cooldown so you can use it to harass enemies as much you want but you do need Mana cards to sustain it. as she is a close range caster it is a must that you use swarm wisely otherwise you will be easy prey for the enemies.

Morigesh will hit Paragon Battlefield on 4 April 2017 and if you do not have the game do not worry its both Hero and the game are free to play. So do check out the game.

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