Anarki Quake Champions Introduction Trailer

Anarki Is A Hovering Maniac


Bethesda and ID Software have released the third champion trailer and this time its features Anarki the Transhuman Punk.

Quake 3 players will remember that Anarki mouth was sealed for some reason but his Quake Champions trailer pretty much explains why it was done. in the game, he has an average armor and movement speed but what makes him special are his abilities.

Active Abilities: Health Injection

He injects himself with some advanced serum or steroids to enhance his transhuman body this gives him a permanent boost of health and its remain the same even after death. It also provides him with a temporary speed boost for 5 Second.

Passive Abilities: HoverBoard Control

His passive Abilities makes him highly mobile unlike other champions he can control his movement mid-air with the help of this Hoverboard

Anarki with his abilities is a constant threat to other with Health injection coupled with Cooldown Reduction  he can gain massive health and with the speed boost and high mobility Hoverboard just makes him, even more, deadlier and harder to take down

Champion Trailer:

The game has not yet confirmed a release date but it is currently running under Closed Beta for more information about hit visit the official Quake Champion Site.

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