Rain World’s Heart-Breaking Opening Cinematic

Rain World Has the Cutest Cat Ever

Rain World

Adult Swin has released a cinematic trailer ahead of Rain world launch this month. The survival platformer successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign inĀ  February 2014 and since then has been developing the game.

The game graphics and the artwork are nice and the music is even better and the main character the slug cat is utterly adorable and cute. The slug cat looks like a fluffy cat with wavey end to it. Rain world is set in a ruined civilization and every creature in the ecosystem is in a race to survive. our small hero has to protect himself against the hostile creatures and also hunt down others to live.

Though the trailer doesn’t portrait much about the gameplay. it does show the story behind our main character who unfortunately gets separated from his family during a massive flood and now is alone trying to survive and reunite with his family.

Cinematic Trailer:

Rain World is currently available for Pre-Order on steam for 20% discount and it will release worldwide on 28 March 2017 for PC and PS4.

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