Quake Champion adds Burial Chamber to its list of Arenas

Deep Fry Your Enemy in Burial Chamber

Burial Chamber

Quake Champion have revealed its newest Arena dubbed Burial Chamber. With the addition of the new map the game currently has a total of three map Blood covenant, Ruins of Sarnath and Burial Chamber.

Map Details

Burial Chamber will have 16 Health Items, 3 Armor items and 12 Cooldown Reduction items across the map.

Shantak’s Demise is the perimeter of Throne Room and is more open this area has multiple paths to different powerup which makes its easier for the players to gank.

Throne Room itself is looked over by the statue of Goroth which holds the Obelisk. This area has multiple platforms with two entrance your positioning here will be crucial as the Obelisk is on the ground surrounded by High grounds.

Perilous Outcropping is the outer side part of the arena which holds Mega Health, Rocket Launcher. you can also get Cooldown item and a teleporter which teleports you directly into the main chamber if you are able to successfully jump over the lava to another platform.

Lava Falls is located on opposite side of the map and also has the second obelisk this area is more open and without any significant spot to cover yourself it has two entrance which is visible from all point of the room which can be used to create chokepoint.

Bridge Of Retribution the central part of the arena is one of deadliest part of the arena this area spawn power up and those are widely open from all side. Players who are not careful will die surely here.

Molten Underground has narrow paths and low ceilings which make this area a good spot to use splash damage. it also has a lot of Cooldown and Health items.

Introduction Trailer:

The Closed beta for Quake Champions will start soon. If you want to try the game Sign Up here.

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