Troll and i now available on steam

Troll and IThe Dual Protagonist game by Developer Spiral House and Publisher Maximum Games Troll and I is now available on Steam.

Set in deep Scandinavian Nordic forest where hunters and mercenaries have ravaged villages to search for a mystical being. due to which one of our main protagonist Otto is forced to flee deep into the forest where he meets and befriends the Mythical creature and names him Troll. both in need of help form an alliance against the hunters and orcs who are after them.

Both Otto and Troll are playable and each had different abilities. Otto is small but is fast and agile which makes him perfect sneak around enemies and complete task. he can even craft weapons like axe and spear. The Troll is huge and tough he can sustain a lot of damage and can even deal a ton of damage to multiple enemies.

Troll and i

You play the game in single-player mode taking command of both Otto and Troll and seamlessly switch between them whenever you want or bring a friend to join the adventure with you on split screen.

Troll and I is currently available on Steam with 20% discount for $39.99 till 28 March. After that, it can be bought for $49.99.

Note different region may have a different price so do check the price in steam it may be available for even less.

Troll and I Launch Trailer:

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