Galio Gets A New Champion Spotlight

Galio Demacia New Guardian


Riot have given Galio a complete rework and honestly instead of a rework its looks like a completely new hero and I am just loving it. Everything has changed except the Taunt which is now on a different ability. The champion is currently playable in PBE

Demacia’s reworked guardian has got some new abilities let’s check them out:-


Passive ability – Colossal smash

The next basic attack deal damage in a small AOE and it scales with his magic resist and the cool down of Colossal smash is reduced every time he hit an enemy champion with his spells.

Active ability(Q) – Winds of War

This ability shoots two gust of winds which damage anything in its path the wind converges in form of a cone and form a vortex which damages enemies in the area for a particular time.

Active ability(w) – Shield of Durand

Shield of Durand passively gives magic damage shield which refreshes every time he avoids taking damage. The active part of this ability is when you hold W it gives you damage reduction but reduce your movement speed. Upon releasing the W he taunts enemies who were under the AOE of the Sheild the duration of taunt depends on how long you charged it.

Active ability(E) – Justice Punch

Justice punch makes Galio lunges forward after a brief charge and knock up enemy champion hit by it. it can only hit one champion, though.

Active ability(R) – Hero’s Entrance

The ultimate makes Galio fly up in the sky and smash the target area knocking up enemies inside the AOE the closer the enemy is to center of the ultimate the higher is knock up on them. Hero’s Entrance also grants the targeted ally shield of Durand upon casting of the ability.

Champion Spotlight:

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