CD Projekt Red and ESL Announced $100,000 Gwent Tournament

Gwent’s First Esport Tourney


CD Projekt Red with the partnership of ESL will be hosting its first Esports tournament which is surprising as the game is still in closed beta.

The Tournament is named Gwent Challenger which will have four CCG Pros Trump, Lifecoach, PPD, Noxious against top four players from Gwent community leaderboard which will be held in Katowice, Poland.

You can participate in the tournament from the official website. There are only 512 spots which are divided into two regions 256 for Division Redania for the region which runs on GMT and 256 for Division Temeria for the region which runs on PST. Participant can join only one region applicable to them before 22 March

Though the tournament is open for all players having access to Gwent only players having top 256 ranks from their respective division will be invited to participate. your ranking will be checked on 22 March after that you will be informed about your participation status. All the matches will be held online and if you are able to qualify for top four spots you will be flown by ESL to Katowice to battle against the pros for the grand prize.

The online matches will start from April 8. Day one will have all matches for all 256 players in their division and only 16 players will advance to Day two which will select the final top four from the community.

The Prize Pool of the tourney is $100,000. 1st place will receive $60,000, 2nd place will receive $20,000 and 3rd and 4th place will receive $10,000.

Currently, there is no plan by CD Projekt Red or ESL to stream qualifier. but the main event will be streamed on CD Projekt Red Twitch Channel.

If you want to register for the tournament you can sign up here. And do have a read about the rules and regulation about schedule, format and deck rules here



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