Prey Typhon Research Trailer Details some of the Enemies


A New Trailer by Bethesda and Arkane studios shows the details about some the different types of Typhon present in the game. The Alien species aboard the Talos 1 have an ecosystem in itself and their only purpose is to destroy the human race. Let’s take a look at them.


The whole ecology of Typhon species starts with the Mimic, The Mimic looks like black arachnids they are fast agile and can camouflage itself into its surrounding waiting for its prey. they feed on the living things mostly humans to get their energy. they use this energy to further divide itself into several clones and thereby multiply its number.


When a bunch of mimics gathers enough energy they fuse together to create a superior species known as weaver. Weaver is like a brain of the Typhon ecosystem and decides what needs to be done to protect the ecology.


Weaver can create Phantom a Typhon species which is formed from dead corpse of human they are created to protect the Typhon ecology. Phantom can teleport and can use kinetic ability to deal damage to you. Phantom comes in different types and strength

  • Etheric Phantom can create duplicates of itself and emits toxic gasses
  • Thermal Phantoms can use fire-based attacks
  • Voltaic Phantom can use electric based attacks


The trailer also shows the overview of Telepath another Typhon species which the weaver can create and it looks like giant black floating matter with an eye in center. Telepath can control weak minded humans to complete their own objective. the use a deadly blast known as Psychic Nullwave which deals heavy damage.

The Trailer only details about three Typhon species but there are more like The Poltergeist and Nightmare

To get more details about the Prey visit here.

Typhon Research Trailer:

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