Scalebearer Quake Champion Overview

Bethesda and ID Software have released a new trailer for its Champion Scalebearer.

Scalebearer is a very tanky character which can withstand heavy damage. He had high Health and Armor but is slower than other characters in the game. The champion has two abilities

Active Ability: BullRush

With this ability, he charges forward with high speed and deals massive damage to any opponents he hit during bullrush he takes significantly less damage from weapons but also loses his maneuverability and can only move in a straight line

Passive Ability: Heavyweight

His passive ability gives him super weight and he can just squash enemies if he lands on them with enough height. his passive ability is the reason his active ability deals so heavy damage.

Scalebearer would be the choice for players who likes to tank in game but he does lack speed and the only way I can see him escaping is using BullRush

Scalebearer Champion Trailer:

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