Juggernaut Arcana Arrives with 7.03 Patch

Monkey King Added To Captains Mode

Juggernaut Arcana

The Long awaited Juggernaut Arcana finally arrives with new Teleport and Walking animation. it also comes with custom Bladefury, Crit, and omnislash animation

The patch also contains Jakiro hero model rework.

Though the key focus this patch is Juggernaut Arcana but with Kiev Major coming soon Valve has also tweaked different aspects of the competitive scene.

The Captain mode UI has been updated to match the 7.0 patch changes now your teammates can suggest picks and bans, swap the Captain role with a few simple clicks, with more Strategy Time into the draft.

Monkey King has been added to captains mode seems like we can soon see the annoying hero in competitive esports matches it would be interesting to see the hero in the hands of Pros. Though the hero has been given a nerf his patch.

  • Jingu Mastery buff now has a max duration of 35 seconds
  • Tree Dance night vision reduced from 800 to 400
  • Wukong’s Command duration rescaled from 13/14/15 to 13

General Changes to game this patch

  • XP Required to go from level 1 to level 6 increased by 15%, 300 XP total
  • XP Required to go from level 9 to 13 redistributed from 700/720/740/1200 to 800/820/840/900
  • AoE hero kill Gold and XP bounties reduced by 10% (including comeback gold and XP)
  • Tier 1 Team Bounty reduced from 160 to 120
  • Passive gold income reduced by 10%
  • Reduced lane melee creeps base gold bounties by 2
  • increased lane melee creeps gold bounty per upgrade cycle by 1
  • Reduced lane range creeps gold bounty per upgrade cycle by 1
  • Shrines base HP regen reduced from 120 HP/sec to 100
  • All towers base armor reduced by 4
  • Towers now gain 2 armor per nearby enemy player within 1200 AoE
  • Tier 1 Tower HP increased from 1300 to 1400
  • Scan cooldown reduced from 270 seconds to 210
  • Ranked All Pick hero selection time reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds

Most of the heroes have also received changes this patch mostly to their respective Talent Tree. You can check out those changes and 7.03 Patch details here.



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