Injustice 2 Firestorm Maybe Using Only Fire

An overview of Firestorm


NetherRealm and Warner Bros. have revealed the addition of another DC hero to its roster. The trailer features Firestorm in action with its fire abilities and seems like he is a long range fighter. his special moves were all performed from a range incapacitating his opponents

But there are some things which just doesn’t feel right about him. If u are a DC comics fan you would know that he is capable of more than just throwing fire he has the ability to change a substance from atomic and subatomics level completely to whatever he want. he can also change his body manipulating the atoms in his body.

The only reference of his atom power in the trailer may be his ultimate move showing two giant atoms like spheres.

This may hurt the franchise later during release cause now the Firestorm just seems like the Human Torch from Fantastic Four.

Introduction Trailer:

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