Teams Going To Kiev Major Dota 2

All Sixteen Teams Going To Kiev Major

Kiev Major

After Some Gruesome Qualifier for Kiev Major, eight teams have qualified for their respective regional qualifier

This time with the introduction of Region locked teams and addition of two new regions CIS and SA the qualifier games were certainly interesting

NA Region

Despite being a new Team Onyx had a decent run in group stage With 4 Win and 2 Loss. Although losing to complexity gaming in the first round of playoffs they made a comeback from loser’s bracket knocking out both Team NP and Complexity Gaming.

SA Region

Team SG had a pretty convincing performance in SA region only losing once in the group stage and Though knocked down to lower bracket by Not Today. They got revenge their revenge against them in finals and securing the spot for kiev.

Europe Region

The European region is one the most stacked region. Teams like Alliance and NIP were battling out for a single spot. Team Secret lost only 1 game in the group stage and sailed through the playoffs without losing a single game.

CIS Region

Cis region was no different than Europe Big Guns like Navi, Empire were playing in that region. But Virtus Pro still remain triumphant they did not lose a single game in the group stage and although they lost 1 game each to both Navi and Empire in playoffs they did not drop a single series.

China Region

China Region had 2 slots for them in kiev and Both teams from IG Gaming qualified for Kiev with IG. Vitality winning the finals.

SEA Region

SEA had by far the most entertaining matches the games were very competitive. Team Faceless and Team TNC qualified for the 2 slot allotted to the region.

Though the date for group stage to seed teams for the main event is not out yet. The main event will start from 27-30 with the prize pool of $3 Million Dollars.

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