Thumper Coming to Switch and Xbox

Experience Thumper Now On Switch And Xbox.

Thumper the Psychedelic Rhythmic action game developed by Drool and the music given by Brian Gibson is undoubtedly one of the best rhythmic game around.

The game is currently available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Oculus Rift and soon will be available on Switch and Xbox


In the game, you play as a space beetle in a rather horrifying eerie world and just like in any rhythmic game you have to hit lit notes coming towards you. But in Thumper along with hitting notes, you also have to avoid obstacle like jumping over spikes, riding on walls and defeating enemies.

The beetle has been given a shield to transverse through the mind-numbing space highway. the beetle can survive only one hit from the obstacles and if you get hit second time its game over and you would have to restart from the previous checkpoint.

Thumper is an extremely fast paced game and it requires quite a bit of focus to play through the disco like environment. But your run on the highway coupled with the music is one of a kind experience which the game delivers.

Key features of the game given in steam page.

  • Nine levels of Rhythm Hell
  • Adrenalizing Boss Battles, including the terrifying Crakhed
  • Simple Controls: one stick and one button
  • Psychedelic Visuals
  • Original Soundtrack by Brian Gibson of noise-rock band Lightning Bolt

Checkout The Trailer:

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