Rocket League adds Dropshot mode

Rocket League Dropshot Mode Gives Vibe of Volleyball

Rocket League

Image credit: Psyonix

Psyonix Studios adds another game mode “Dropshot” to Rocket League in the fourth year of the game.

Dropshot brings a whole new gameplay to the standard one of Rocket League. With a Hexagonal arena called “Core-707” consisting of Electrified Ball and Panels as the floor. The objective of this game mode is to make a hole by breaking panels on the enemy side floor and score goals through the holes.

Dropshot Mechanics

Each Panel can be hit twice the first hit activates the panel and the second hit breaks it through which you can score goals.

The electrified ball comes with three phase and starts with the first phase and increases when the ball is hit multiple times with car without letting it hit the panel so higher the phase higher is the damage.

The first phase deals damage to one panel, the second phase deals damage seven panels and the third panel deals damage to nineteen panels at a time.

The new game mode has a Damage Stats with the usual Goals, Save, and Assists. more the damage more it is easier to break panels

Dropshot Reveal Trailer:

Dropshot will hit Rocket League on March 22 along with other new updates like “new achievements/trophies, painted Bodies and Rocket Trails, an Esports content button, the end of Competitive Season 3, and a new Skill Tier hierarchy.”

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