Yin a New Hero is Coming To Paragon

Yin a Wind Wielding Mage Comes To Paragon


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Paragon is coming up with a new melee carry named yin who uses her wind magic abilities to manipulate fight around her skill sets makes her very elusive and hard to take down

Yin will be coming to Paragon on March 14


Backlash – When you use backlash it deals damage in front of her in an area which can deal damage to multiple enemies simultaneously. it also deflects back enemies projectiles if hit by the whip.

Lashkick – Lashkick lets Yin lash on to a target pulling herself and dealing damage to the enemies. You can use Lashkick on both enemies and allies. this is her key mobility skill which let her close gap between enemies or escape tricky situations.

Though Lashkick may seem like Riktor’s  Riplash but the mechanics of both abilities are completely opposite.

Windburn – This ability increases the range of Yin’s basic attack and also lets her deal cleave damage. The cleave damage deals damage in a line.

Quelling Gale – her ultimate ability surrounds an area with a whirlwind which displaces enemies within the range and it also slows down the speed of projectile passing through the ultimate. With the combo of Quelling gale and Backlash, you can create game winning plays

Yin’s abilities make her a very good crowd control hero and with her windburn’s cleave mechanic and an affinity to Fury seems like she could be a lot better than the current ADC.

Though her skillset seems to require high skill. Using a well-timed backlash or knowing when to use Lashkick on the enemies well require a deep understanding. But if you can master her you can easily be a high threat to your opponents

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