New Quake Champions Revealed: Nyx

Explode Enemies From Inside with Quake Champions

Quake Champions nyxImage Credit: Bethesda

Quake Champions newest Character Nyx The Fathom Agent is revealed after the announcement of the closed beta signup

The New Quake Champion is a female character who is quick, agile and stealthy the character has two abilities:

Active Ability: Ghost walk

This ability makes Nyx temporarily invisible which the player can use to get out of the fight, dodge projectiles or just give Suprise Heart attack on an unsuspecting enemy. One cool mechanics of this ability is that if there is an enemy standing in a spot where Nyx return to her physical form from invisibility he will die instantly.

So you can just make somebody explode by materializing inside him.

Passive Ability: Wall Jump

The passive ability let her jump off the wall to the greater distance she can wall jump even during Ghost Walk without losing her invisibility.

The Convert concept of Nyx is a pretty nice and with its ability player can easily get behind enemies and get kills but Nyx also has very low health and gets easily killed if caught.

Nyx Reveal Trailer:

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