Voodoo Vince: Remastered Version Coming to Steam

Enjoy Voodoo Vince in HD graphics

Voodoo Vinceimage credit: Beep industries

After 13 years Voodoo Vince is coming back the developer Beep Industries have announced Voodoo Vince: Remastered for PC and Xbox One and will be coming to Steam on 18 April 2017.

Vince will once again embark on his journey searching his missing Keeper Madam Charmaine who is abducted by Jeb and Fingers the clumsy Goons of Kosmo the main Antagonist.

Voodoo Vine: Remastered Trailer:

The Crazy platformer will still have all the 30+ Voodoo spells that Vince has in its arsenal and will be seen progressing through the graveyard to the french quarter and much more.

There is no change in the gameplay in any aspect but it will come with high visuals graphics and arts and the game will on be able to run at 60+ fps with selectable soundtrack updates and remixes by the game’s original composer, Steve Kirk.

And the best part of the game which it still retains is surely Vince sarcastic humor which makes the game even more entertaining


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