Echo by Ultra Ultra Coming this Spring 2017

Echo Forces You To Fight Against Yourself


Echo is an upcoming third person adventure game being developed and published by Ultra Ultra the game features a unique gameplay where you play against yourself. the advanced AI in the game learns from your playstyle and behavior and then uses it against you.

About The Game

In the game, you play as a girl named En who wakes up from a cryosleep in a space palace and as you explore the mysterious eerie place you quickly learn that it’s no normal palace and has a mind of its own. the palace changes its structure at its own will and also creates exact clones of you known as “Echoes” these characters are not just a copy of your character but also mimic how you play the game.

The Palace has a “Reboot” features which learn about you. while the lights are on in the palace it is constantly monitoring your movement and recording it but when its reboot itself there is a blackout and during that period it updates the Echoes with your weapon and playstyle. The only time they can’t copy you is during the blackout that’s when you can use weapons and movement which you don’t want to get copied.

So if you play the game with stealth on the next reboot they will update and would get stealthier against you. If you use weapons they would get the same weapons too. The only thing that doesn’t change is their desire to kill you.

Checkout the Gameplay Trailer:

This interesting game mechanics forces the players to use their abilities and weapon wisely. nobody would want to get killed by themselves or you can also say because of your own action.

Although there is no set date of release yet but according to Devs, it will certainly release somewhere in 2017. For more Information about the game, you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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