Riot wins $10 Million in Lawsuit Against LeagueSharp

Leaguesharp offered players Hacks/Scripting Services

League of Legend Leaguesharp

image credit: Riot games

One of the Biggest Hacking/Scripting website Leaguesharp which offered cheats to players got shut down after a lawsuit from Riot Games.

The players buying this hacks enabled them to get fast items, levels and automated their whole gameplay like give them inhuman ability to dodge and land spells. The cheaters used to rank up new accounts and sold them to others which generated hundreds and thousands of dollars for both the cheaters and Leaguesharp. to use the service and software Leaguesharp charged $15 dollar a month for the subscription to the service and $50 a month to run the hack on multiple accounts

Leaguesharp was created by three developer Matthias Oltmann, Stefan Delgado Argote, Tyrone Tom Pauer who illegally ran the hacking service under the cover of a Peru-based shell company named Chachani to cover up their act.

Riot initially tried to contact the developers informing them about the violation of the terms of use of the game by their service and wanted them to cease the operation. but instead of responding to riot they tried to hide and destroy evidence and even threatened Riot’s employee. and so Riot had filled a lawsuit against them.

The court ordered Leaguesharp to cease and desist all the service and development of the software and awarded Riot $10 million in settlement and complete authority over the Leaguesharp website.

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