Dota 2 Kiev Major invites revealed

Kiev Major Region Locks Qualifier

The invites for the Kiev major Dota 2 for the season 2016-2017 has been revealed.

Kiev majorA total of 8 big teams has been invited for the major three from china Team Wings, Team Newbee, Team VG.J.Two from Europe Team OG, Team AD Finem, Team Liquid and Two from North America Team Evil Genius, Team Digital Chaos.

Unsurprisingly there was no invite to any of the SEA team which was a small blow to the scene there. Valve sponsored events always have invited top performing teams only. And SEA DotA 2 scene lately has been inconsistent SEA Teams like Fnatic disbanded and Team Faceless despite dominating SEA Dota weren’t able to achieve much on the International Platform.

The Regional will have 60 Teams from all six regions trying to qualify for the major from their respective Region.

Kiev major

Changes To Major

Valve has region locked this major open qualifier implementing the 3/5 rule which states that a team can’t participate outside of its region qualifier. But if a regional team consisting of a majority of it players from foreign nation than this rule doesn’t apply to them.

Valve made this rules on the events of Boston Major open qualifier were several European teams played through the American qualifier.

This time Valve has added two new regions for the major South American qualifier and CIS qualifier because of the ping issue in both region and also for the completion of regional qualifier on time as European region has a huge number of teams.


Open Qualifiers will be held on March 6th to March 9th, 2017 it will be open to all teams respective to their region. SEA and China will have two slots and all the other region will have one slot for the regional qualifier and those teams will advance to their respective Main Qualifier.

Main Qualifiers is from March 10th to March 13th, 2017 will have Six Regional Qualifiers. The winner and runner-up of each region will be invited to the main event.

Group Stage date has not been declared yet but group stages will have 16 teams in 4 group and will be seeded for the single elimination format in the main event.

Main Event is from April 27th to April 30th, 2017 all matches will be best of three single elimination matches and Grand Final will be of best of five.


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