Pine Official Trailer Released by Twirlbound

Pine Unique AI Adapts to Your Playstyle

Pine is currently under development by Twirlbound but they recently released the official announcement trailer:

The game is created by a small team of 6 game developer and the audio is provided by Ratchet Audio. it was up on Square Enix Collective Platform Were it received 96% upvote from the gaming community. Pine artwork and gameplay do remind me of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning but without the magic part and The Fable Series.


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Pine is set in a fantasy island called Albamare were humans are not at the top of the food chain. and are surrounded by species which are far advanced, stronger and intelligent. the Human tribe lives in a small isolated part of the island and are afraid to leave the safety.

But they are soon discovered and the whole tribe is endangered then Hue, the main protagonist is forced to leave the safety and sets out to discover the place where human lived before to protect his tribe and make them survive. uncovering mysterious history of Albamare and its Beasts.


The game has a unique feature were the game adapts to you sounds kinda like Shadow of Mordor nemesis system. but Pine takes this to combat and play style every enemy you fight learns your pattern and develops combos and even evolves if you play defensively they will become aggressive with a better weapon and if you run around a lot they too will become faster. you have to adapt to them every time.

you would have to craft weapon, armor and get food from the resources around you. You can create fire to scare away certain types of beasts and even make Airglider to reach elevated grounds.

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According to the developers, the game is not about you staying alive it’s more about your character evolution and interaction with the species in the environment.

you have to choose your friends and foes wisely. you can either befriend them by offering food or even help them gain more territory or just make them enemies fight them and drive them out.

The whole ecosystem in the game will progress on its own even if you don’t do anything. The Weather changes will make species migrate, Day and Night Cycle will influence different species activities differently there would also be fight for territory and all these factors will change the ecosystem so it’s you who has to change according to the game and not the other way around.

No two player will have the same story the end goals of the game are same but your gameplay and interaction with different tribes will decide your story.

The Game will be up on Kickstarter on 9 March for funding

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