AMD Ryzen Reveals Ryzen 7 Series CPU

AMD Ryzen performing better than Intel i7 at lower price

Finally, AMD drops the hammer on intel reign in the processor market segment. intel’s I-series has been dominating a large part of the processor market for years but may very soon change after AMD released their new Ryzen series.

Ryzen is a new AMD’s new processor with Zen microarchitecture which is the name of the new core which will be used in the manufacturing of Ryzen series processors.

AMD has announced that Ryzen series family will be split into 3 division Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7

Recently they announced Ryzen 7 details which will be featuring 3 version of it. Let’s take a look at these processors.

Ryzen CPU
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Ryzen 1700

This is the cheapest of the Ryzen 7 series processor and is competing with intel i7 7700k

Intel i7 7700k has a 4 core 8 thread unit with 8MBĀ  L3 Cache and has a TDP of 91W clearly Ryzen 1700 wins in these aspects with better specs.

But when it come to processing speed or Fps test intel 7700 wins over Ryzen as the intel 7700 has a frequency of 4.0Ghz to 4.5Ghz which provides better fps then Ryzen operates on a lower frequency of 3.0 Ghz to 3.7 Ghz.

Despite offering a little lower Fps then 7700k it clearly performs better in multithreading with 8 cores 16 thread.

The Cinebench R15nt test shows that 1700 performed 39 faster than intel i7 7700K.

amd ryzen 1700

Ryzen 1700X

This is the medium segment CPU of the Ryzen 7 series it is against in intel i7 6800k

intel i7 6900k boasts a 6 core 12 threads unit with a 15MB Cache lower specs than the Ryzen 1700X but Ryzen also has a TDP of 95W and intel 6800k has a 140W TDP

If you don’t what TDP is it stands for Thermal Design Power and is used to measure the amount of heat a component is expected to release when under load. The higher a TDP the more cooling component you will need

In the Cinebench R15 nT test, 1700X was 39% faster than the Intel i7 6800k

amd ryzen 1700X

Ryzen 1800X

This is the costliest of the Ryzen series competing with the high-end Intel i7 6900k

Intel i7 6900k has 8 core 16 thread unit with 20MB Cache almost similar to the Ryzen 1800X B

But Ryzen has a higher clock speed it has a base clock speed of 3.6Ghz to 4.0Ghz and intel 6900k offers 3.2Ghz to 3.7Ghz and one of the most important things is Ryzen 1800X cost half the price $499 than the price of intel i7 6900k which is $1,109

Cinebench R15 nT test show 1800X is 9 percent faster than Intel i7 6900k

amd ryzen 1800X

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For more information on Ryzen visit AMD official site.

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