Troll and I announced By Maximum Games

Troll and I
Troll and I Features a Cooperative Split-Screen Multiplayer

Troll and I is being developed by Spiral House and published by Maximum Games. A tale about a boy and a troll set out to defend and protect their land.


The game is set in a Scandinavian country forest where people believe in an old folklore about the existence of a mythical creature, a troll who dwells deep in the wilderness away from contact.

A rich guy comes to know about the troll and now want him dead or alive. To captures the beast he sends his hired hooligans and they destroy nearby villages to find the troll and accidently they destroy pandora box which releases an army of orcs.

Due to this a young boy named Otto is forced to flee from the village deep into the forest and there he meets the troll and befriends him and from there begins their adventure and fight against the bad guys and the orcs.


The game features Dual playable Protagonist. you can play both Otto and the troll and each features unique abilities

  • Otto is small and very agile he can sneak around and can also craft tools and weapons like a spear, axe etc.
  • Troll, on the other hand, is very strong and can absorb a lot of damage and can also deal a lot of damage to multiple enemies simultaneously.

You can seamlessly switch character any time in the game. and can also control both characters individually or control both characters as one by making Otto ride on troll’s back.

The game is also playable in split-screen mode and two players can play the entire game.

Troll and I will be released on 21 March 2017 on PC, PS4 Xbox, Nintendo switch.

To know more about the game visit the website.

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