Full Metal Furies Announced by Cellar Door Games

Full metal furies features the classic 2D Brawler

Launch Trailer:

Full metal furies is being created by Cellar Door Games. they are the same developer who created Rogue League which was quite successful.

The Story

Full Metal Furies

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The story is about a war of succession amongst the Titans which has brought the human world to the brink of extinction. And the furies must defeat the titans to prevent the destruction of the world.


The game features RPG mechanics which lets you gain gold and level up with your team.

It also features equipment which instead of merely improving your stats, also change your core skills.  which can change the way a certain class plays.

The game offers single player mode to 1-4 player mode

it has 4 characters in the game and every character is totally different

Triss – the sentinel: she is a tank and can block incoming attack

Meg – the sniper: she can scout an area for targets and potential traps and can attack from long range with her sniper rifle

Erin – the Engineer: she is a mid-range fighter and use her tech to fight like creating a turret

Alex – the Fighter: she is a close combat fighter and deals heavy damage with her hammer to multiple enemies at a time.

As every character has a different skillset and equipment you have to coordinate with your team to progress.

If you have played Rogue Legacy you can remember how fucking difficult the game was all though the developers have said Full metal furies would be more forgiving than Rogue. I can still feel this game would be just as hard and fun like Rogue.

For more information on the game, you can visit Cellar Door Games.

The game is set to Released on PC and Xbox sometime in 2017

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