Perception a New Horror Game announced by Deep End Games

Perception comes with unique playstyle of echolocation to navigate through game


Perception is a first person horror game developed by Deep End Games and a new publisher Feardemic. Deep End Games are the once who created hit horror games like Bioshock and Dead Space.

Perception Gameplay Trailer:

The perception was up for funding on and successfully completed its $150,000 goal in June 2015 and all though no exact date was given but it was announced in January 2017 of its release to PC, PS4 and Xbox one


The game is a story about a blind woman named cassie who see a haunted dream about an abandoned mansion frequently. She researches about the house and found its in Gloucester, MA and soon discovers about an evil entity which is after her.


According to the details in Kickstarter. Cassie doesn’t have any weapon and can progress through the game with her wit, her cane, and the smartphone.

Cassie is blind and can only move around with help of echolocation which is a very cool feature in this game. She can only see with the help of sound waves and her extraordinary hearing power and but too much noise may reveal you to the ghost after her.

To know more about this game and its creator visit Perception Kickstarter Campaign or visit Deep End Games.

Perception is one of the most anticipated horror game of the year. the game concept and unique playstyle certainly give its an edge over the others. But considering that Deep End Games have already quite an experience with developing horror games. we can expect another Spooky adventure coming or way.


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