Stories Untold a New Text Based Horror Game

Stories Untold Teaser:

Stories Untold is a new indie horror game it is a new text-based horror game. The game is developed by No Code and published by Devolver Digital. Stories Untold is a compilation of four stories with the with one of them being a remastered episode of “The House Abandon”.

For People who are not aware of the game “The House Abandon”  it is also a text-based horror game. and in that game, you play a character who is playing a horror text game on a computer it’s like playing a horror game inside a horror game. as the game progress, the character feels horror from the game and the darkness around the room imagining stuff. you could only look around to check your surrounding and play the game. if the rest of the 3 episodes are similar to the original you can expect to have quality spooky time with this game. Kinda like Five night at Freddy’s but more creepier.

Stories Untold

Image source: steam

The house Abandon is free to play you can check it here it’s only 79MB

Stories Untold will be on steam on February 27 and would cost only $4.99. Get ready for some Old school horror.





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