Faker Draws Highest Twitch Viewer Count In History


Image source: SKT T1 Faker by Powder Under CC License

League of Legends Superstars finally comes to Twitch.tv and the viewer count he amassed was outstanding. He attracted 245,100 Viewers to his Channel in just one hour which is the highest number ever recorded in twitch. his viewer count was equal to any average LCS match day. Even the regular LOL streamers like Doublelift, Iamqtpie has about an average of 30,000 viewers and they are the top streamers in this game.

Faker and his team SKT T1 made a switch from Azubu to twitch under a partnership. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is one the best mid player in League of Legends which is the most popular Esports game in the world. he is one of the two players who has won League of legends world championship three times. and his in-game playstyle and mechanics are of the highest level. no wonder every league player want to see him play.

But everything didn’t go smooth for his debut stream on twitch. his stream had lag issues and as faker doesn’t speak English there was a live translator too. but he was going AFK several times and his viewer had no clue of what he was saying. and unlike other streamer’s he isn’t much of talker. But watching him just play at his highest level and that too in Korean server is what attracts viewers to him. and despite his stream issue, he delivered some mesmerizing plays.

Faker is a big name in competitive Esports and people are going to watch him now more as SKT has shifted to a global platform for live streaming. Which is a big win for both Twitch and Team SKT T1.



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