Guide to Buying a Mechanical Keyboard for gaming in 2017

Guide to Buying a Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to buying Gaming Keyboard then Mechanical Keyboard are arguably the best type of gaming keyboard

Wired vs wireless Mechanical keyboards

If you have limited number of USB ports u can opt for wireless keyboards but I would still recommend getting additional USB port .benefits of wired keyboards

  • No extra stress on your CPU
  • No lag from a wired keyboard. yes wireless keyboard sometimes gives performance issue like registering keystroke too late you wouldn’t want your keyboard to lag when punching those combos.
  • wired keyboard cost less than wireless


Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards

Source: ” Razer BlackWidow” by Osman gucel Under CC license

Size of keyboards

Keyboards also comes in different size which contains different features

Tenkey : These are full sized with number pads

Tenkey less : These are full sized without number pads

75% keyboards : These are medium sized keyboard with function key and only one column of keys to right of enter key

60% keyboards : These are small sized keyboard without function or number pads its has either 60-61 keys


Always look for anti ghosting feature in your mechanical keyboards which can handle at least 4-6 keystroke simultaneously . this features helps when you are playing a game which requires punching multiple keys at succession but sometimes the keyboard just don’t register your keystroke that’s when anti ghosting features come to play which can easily register every keystroke.


The most important part of the mechanical keyboard which you should care about are its switches. there are different kinds of switches with different feels to it like scissor switch, Omron switches, kailh switches.

But one you should get in my opinion are the CHERRY MX

Source: cherry-mx-board-3-0 by Sinchen.Lin Under CC license

  • Cherry MX are high quality and durable
  • they have a rated lifespan of 20-50 million keystrokes
Types of cherry switches

Linear switches: The keystroke are smooth and consistent and they don’t have a bump and it’s like pressing a spring.

Tactile switches : The keystroke has a bump when pressed it lets the user feel it when it is pressed kind of like a confirmation of a successful keystroke

Clicky switches : Clicky works similar to Tactile switches but clicky makes a certain sound when it is pressed

If u still want need more option on Keys

  • Kalih : Razer mechanical keyboards are made with Kalih switches now. after they changed from Cherry Mx switches for unknown reason kalih are similar to Cherry MX but lacks in quality.
  • Romer-G : These keys are made with help of Omron switches who are widely known for making gaming mouse switches of many large brands. Logitech mechanical keyboard mostly use Romer-G/
  • Topre : if want feels of the keys and have a extra bucks to spare you can get Topre switches these are made by a Japanese company and are pretty expensive. the topre keys are used highly in making custom keyboards and have a deeper sound and slightly better feel on bump of tactile and Clicky keys.

Choosing a mechanical keyboard shouldn’t be hard just choose the model with right amount of features like extra key, tenkey or tenkeyless and consider whether you really need those features like illumination which would cost you extrabucks. Getting a mechanical keyboards is not just for gaming these can come handy to user who type a lot and productive stuff. and these solid keyboard can withstand your punching for a long time.


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